Ultimate Holdings Group

Ultimate Holdings Group is a portfolio of successful commercial organisations that encompass property investment, a substantial residential property portfolio across SW London and the home counties, property development and finance.

The Group also invests in successful third party businesses, for growth and where it’s team can enhance management value. It holds significant shareholdings across a number of successful businesses including Holden Property Group, Nash Business Capital, Affordable Workspace Partnership; Edenstone Homes; Adriatic Opportunities Limited, together with multiple investment SPVs.

We are privately owned, with no external shareholders or investors and operate prudently for growth and the support of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Over three decades of doing what we do best

Established by Mark Holden in 1989, the business was founded in a climate of financial upheaval and 15% bank interest rates. It began as a successful property investment and development company, without support from any external shareholders and has evolved into a Group that is financially strong, built on rock solid foundations and poised for significant, further growth, through partnerships and organic growth of the Group’s assets.

With an exceptional reputation for innovation, marketing “nouse”, entrepreneurial flair, strong management and financial control, we are operationally effective and profitable in all market conditions.

With a passion for customer service excellence that is embedded in our DNA, we are driven to succeed to our own high standards.

The group has an exceptional team and a culture of integrity, honesty and transparency across each business unit.

Our superb track record of going the extra mile and treating people kindly and with respect, acting honourably and fairly, with the highest of integrity, has helped build our best in class.

Because… kindness is timeless.

“Our reputation is our currency of life. We pride ourselves on a meticulous attention to detail and in exceeding our customers expectations and indeed our own high standards.”

Mark Holden

Chairman, Ultimate Holdings


As a team we have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.  We strive to exceed our own high expectations and are renowned for being easy to do business with.


Independent Audit & Reviews –

Best in class 4.98 Trustpilot and 4.95 Google Reviews

Independent reviews of the highest calibre across the Group’s activities, endorse the organisation’s commitment to cultural excellence and continued investment in the culture that makes us unique.

Being the team that goes the extra mile, with investment in systems and innovation to give customer service excellence, is at the heart of our DNA.



We are property experts.

Property Investments

With a large portfolio of owned assets, we offer a boutique, bespoke and personal service to the private rental sector, being vertically integrated across our service suite ensures we are nimble, efficient and effective. For example, there are no third party services, our inhouse teams deliver operational excellence, with a direct relationship with the hundreds of tenants we manage, that occupy our own properties and supported by consistent 5 star ratings, that sets us apart from other Landlords. We grow, retain and reinvest in our properties and our customers.


Investing in Entrepreneurs & Innovation

Our easy to do business approach and transparent, honourable approach, results in a “reputation as our currency of life” mandate that is sacred to us. We are attractive to those that see this as being a key component of success, and as such have a large number of opportunities to constantly assess and support.

Our experienced and professional team have decades of knowledge within the housebuilding, finance, FMCG and marketing and the consistent high standard and flawless execution has afforded us an outstanding reputation as a partner who invest capital and intellectual capital and experience into any relationship.

Development Finance & Partnerships

With significant scale and reach Nationwide, we have an innovative portfolio of funding products to support a wide range of SMEs across many different sectors. We are committed to providing finance when other lenders simply won’t consider a project, or fail to deliver.  From 100% joint venture funding to short term business loans that are fast and fuss-free, we are a leading independent provider of cash flow and finance solutions, and pride ourselves on having a moral obligation to support SME housebuilders and to tackle the thirty year housing crisis in the UK.

What our tenants are saying...

“I have never worked in a nicer, more engaging and inclusive business, where freedom to make change and find better ways of doing things is exciting and stimulating. The business has kindness is timeless as a motto and follows through in it, together with being generous and inclusive. I love coming to work and where there is a determination to be the very best at everything we strive to do.”

“Having been a service provider for over ten years, it’s a pleasure to do business with the UHL team, they are easy to work with, make swift decisions and stick to them and are fair, supportive and pay promptly.”

“I feel lucky to have them as my Landlord, they go the extra mile as standard.”

“The team are very hard working, driven and focused and that spurs me on and stretches me to do my very best.”

“The senior Management team are very inclusive, roll their sleeves up with everyone else to get the job done.”


Our Organisation & Purpose

We exist to deliver customer service excellence and with a determination to succeed in every objective we set ourselves to the benefit of customers, our family share holders and colleagues.

From entrepreneurial support, investing in joint venture partnerships and customer facing businesses, the same philosophy applies of a complete commitment to customer care, developing and nurturing our investments in people and places.

We establish and embed our vision across colleagues, partners and customers through our “purpose in people” strategy of investing across a wide cross section of asset backed interests, to make meaningful returns on equity, whilst adding value through management contribution of experience and the widest lateral thinking.

 Our businesses touch the lives of many customers across different ages groups and backgrounds, each as important to us as the other. With the demographic timebomb well publicised of an aging populous, we have a particular focus on recognising the needs of an aging society, that have been neglected across private housing.

 We will always ensure that our wide portfolio meets and exceeds at the earliest possible date energy efficiency standards and that we minimise our impact on the environment.



Our Culture and Approach

Creating a rewarding, healthy, happy and exciting workplace is at the heart of our culture; this forms an important part of our decision-making process when investing in third-party businesses.
“Do they have mojo”?

We always strive to be easy to do business with and keep ways of working as simple and practical as possible.

We embrace challenges to ensure we continuously improve, be purposeful and probing in ensuring we reach objectives, with the Chairman appraised by teams, rather than the other way round.

We have a top-down reporting structure of communication and delivery, where passion and perseverance drive us all to exceed expectations. Every colleague is driven to live our values and exceed their own expectations.

We do the right thing even when no-one is looking
and regularly miss lunch and dinner for our customers.

Always supporting the under-represented or those
that need a helping hand, beyond our Foundation.

We value our team for their individualism and independence, where different ingredients always make the best of  cultural dishes.

Acting in good faith and with openness and transparency.
We are proud of being candid.

We are opportunistic, incisive and honourable in all our commercial dealings, and our partners value the certainty that our culture and commitment delivers, always with a speedy, focused decision-making process.


Development and Investment opportunities

Land, assets, opportunities –
talk to us for a fast commitment of long term support

We are known to be easy to do business with, straight forward, honourable and swift in decision making.

We greatly value introductions from all property professionals for the acquisition of land for development, Joint Ventures and relish simplicity, where others create complication.

We are opportunistic, incisive and honourable in all our commercial dealings and our partners value the certainty that our culture and commitment delivers.

Let’s Build Something

If you have an incredible  opportunity and need help to make it happen or for more information, we have no gate-keepers, talk to any one of us, and start with the owner of the business: Mark Holden


Let’s Build Something

For investment opportunities, PR and press contact or for more information, contact us.